What is SmartPattern?

SmartPattern is a new concept of authentication that enables login into any web service supporting standards protocols and the signature of documents, with a smart, simple and usual movement done over any smartphone. Even if an attacker knows the pattern, SmartPattern will only recognize the way you do it.



SmartPattern takes advantage of the simple and well-known pattern used to unblock a smartphone, but it goes further: it enables the login into any web service supporting standards protocols. Leaving passwords behind, you only need to draw the pattern on your smartphone. It works like a CAPTCHA.

Capability to be authenticated in many services

SmartPattern can work in your service if it supports Oauth2, OpenID… easy and fast to be integrated. Users just must train the system 10 times, and the pattern will be ready to be used. Even if an attacker is able to know your pattern, they won’t probably be able to reproduce the exactly way you do it.


We have carried out a scientific research to show how secure this system is. University of Piraeus in Greece chose 70 students. They were asked to draw a pattern while another student was directly looking at it. 70% of them were able to reproduce this pattern. However, when using SmartPattern, only 2,7% of the students were able to reproduce the pattern even though they had been looking at the pattern right before trying it.


How it works

Basic concepts

A real use-case


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